Team Members


Erbakan MALKOÇ

Design, Production, Sales and Marketing



CEO, Electronics Engineer

Mohammad Fares

Mohammad Fares

AI Team Lead


A smart car assistant with a hologram image, which can use artificial intelligence technology to recognize the owner of the vehicle and establish an emotional bond, answer questions and control the in-car equipment with voice.

Despite paying a lot of money for the vehicles, they are just a pile of metal, inability to establish an emotional connection

Inability to communicate in natural speech without the need for commands

Inability to control the equipment inside the vehicle with voice

Not knowing the owner of the vehicles, not understanding what is being said, not being able to answer questions

Failure to learn the behavior of the user of the vehicle

Without having a 3D face, we can not feel them as an individual

Face Recognition with Camera

The face of the person will be automatically recognized and will be addressed with their names.

Emotion Recognition

The person's feeling will be recognized.

Suggestion Based on Emotion

Suggestions will be presented according to the feeling of the person. Like giving a massage, making coffee.

Reading News

The news will be read from the site and category that the person wants.

Forwarding Weather Information

The weather information of the city that the person wants will be told.

Sending mail, Reading incoming mail

Assistant will send mail and read incoming mails.

Setting Reminder

Assistant will create a reminder at the time and day that the person wants.

Setting Alarm

Assistant will set an alarm to the time the person wants..

Answering Questions

Assistant will answer questions asked.


Assistant will translate from the language that the person speaks to the language of the person's choice..

Creating Notes

Assistant will take notes of what the person has said.

Reading Notes When The Time Comes

Created notes will be read on time or on demand.

Controlling In-car Equipment With Voice

People will be able to control the in-car equipment with their voice commands; such as seat settings, ventilation, entertainment system, lighting.

Get Exchange Rates

Assistant will transmit the desired exchange information with voice command..




• TUBITAK 1507-SME R&D Startup Support Program
• Application Date: 26.06.2018 Completion Date: 20.04.2021

• KOSGEB Cooperation Support Programme
• Board Decision Date: 20.10.2020 Board Decision No: 2020-56038-31/01 Project Start Date: 09.02.2021 Project Duration: 2 Years

It qualified to be ITU Çekirdek Pre-incubation initiative and made it to the quarter finals.

In-Vehicle View


Competition Analysis

Apple Car Play
Mercedes Asistant
Ford Asistant
3D Rendering
Natural Spoken Language Understanding
Face Recognition
Emotion Recognition
Giving Suggestions Based on Emotion
Ability to Control
Hardware with Voice
Connecting to the Phone
Price advantage
Controlling the Radio
and Music Player



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